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Open Source

Did Red Hat Just Spend $250 Million on Free Software?

The real value in the CoreOS deal is the startup's 130 or so employees and the content of their brains.
February 6, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

Winding Down an Open Source Project

For 2018, I’ve made a commitment to myself to simply WRITE AND SHARE more. I used to be really good at cranking out posts but I’ve been so heads down in running and building out open so...
February 6, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

Why enterprises are flocking to open source – JAXenter

Abby Kearns, the Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation explains why diversity makes a healthy open source community thrive.
February 1, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

Open source in the enterprise: Trends and opportunities in 2018

Thomas Di Giacomo, CTO at SUSE, outlines key trends and emerging opportunities in open source and enterprise IT for 2018.
January 25, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

Seven Reasons to Compute at the Edge > ENGINEERING.com

What is edge computing, and what does it mean for the Internet of Things?
January 25, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

Why isn’t open source hot among computer science students?

High school and college students may fear participation in open source projects due to these preconceptions.
January 17, 2018 | Community | Handpicked