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Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm: A comparison of cloud container tools

When it comes to the battle of Kubernetes vs Docker, which programme comes out on top? We compare the top two cloud container management tools.
February 16, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

Mesosphere DC/OS and Google Cloud Platform Help Taxfyle Scale Up for Tax Season

It takes a certain level of tenacity to dive into the unknown of building a technology startup from scratch. This is elevated to a whole new level when you decide to take on a highly seasonal...
February 12, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

Red Hat’s Atomic Team Builds a Docker-Less Container Builder

Getting more organizations to deploy containers in production will require foolproof automation. There’s a viable argument that you don’t need a developer tool to accomplish this — that...
February 12, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

Did Red Hat Just Spend $250 Million on Free Software?

The real value in the CoreOS deal is the startup's 130 or so employees and the content of their brains.
February 6, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

2-minutes to Kubernetes Cluster on Docker for Mac 18.01 using Swarm CLI – Collabnix

Read the full article at: collabnix.com
February 6, 2018 | Community | Handpicked

How SDS is Accelerating Cloud Native Adoption for the Enterprise

The industry is simplifying cloud native technologies to make them more widely available for IT organizations of any size.
February 6, 2018 | Community | Handpicked