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Go: A Highly Performant, Case-Insensitive String Sort

While the Go standard library makes sorting slices of strings in a case-sensitive manner a trivial operation, what does a developer do when case-insensitivity is required? This blog post outl...
October 24, 2017 | Andrew Kutz | Technical

Golang Dependency Tool and Line Endings

The Golang dependency tool dep is awesome, but it has this habit of marking files as changed when the only difference is related to line-endings. This blog post highlights the issue and provi...
October 10, 2017 | Andrew Kutz | Technical

Say Hello to Goodbye

Ask a developer to discuss one of Go’s many features and there are no shortages from which to choose. Yet the catalyst for some of the most in depth discussions is often not what Go off...
October 2, 2017 | Andrew Kutz | Technical

Reproducing REX-Ray

Storage is neither free or unlimited, and it’s likely artifacts from pull request builds are not automatically uploaded to some external location accessible to developers or users. In fact,...
September 13, 2017 | Andrew Kutz | Technical