We want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all {code} Community members who are sharing knowledge, supporting each other, collaborating on projects, and contributing back to the community in all kinds of ways. The {code} Community Slack team more than doubled from 2,300 to over 5,000 members, the {code} Catalyst program grew with 12 new amazing individuals, and we saw several great open source projects come out of the DevHigh5 program! Let’s look back at the {code} Community’s activities of 2017.

{code} Community

The {code} Community reached a whopping 5,000 members in the beginning of December this year, more than doubling from the start of 2017. As a place for everyone to share knowledge, network, and collaborate on open source projects, there was a great interest from people all over the world to be a part of the open source community. We want to thank every single one of our members for participating in the {code} Community, you all rock!

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{code} Catalysts

This year 38 {code} Catalysts participated in a wide array of activities to lead and advance open source projects and communities. They presented at conferences, wrote articles on fascinating cloud native projects, and were ambassadors for the {code} Community all over the world. As {code} Catalysts they are showing the best of what the open source community can be, focused on enhancing open source projects and pushing the open source community forward. Are you interested in who all these great people are and maybe you would like to join us for 2018? Check out our new {code} Catalyst page!


In 2017, the DevHigh5 program successfully shepherded 8 new open source projects into the open source community to be shared and collaborated on in the open. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to and maintained these projects, we know it takes a lot of hard work: graphR., fru-tool, Ansible Modules and Python SDK for OpenManage, Ocopea, Infrakit.RackHD, PyU4V, and Pravega.

We are very excited to see what projects will come our way in 2018! Do you have a project you would like to open source? Read more about the DevHigh5 program and reach out to us here.

{code} Assemblies

{code} Assemblies are a way for the open source community to relax a bit after a stressful event and get to know each other on a professional and personal level. This year, conversations were had around containers, programming languages, cloud native technologies, open source licensing, and artificial intelligence. We were very happy to be able to host these IRL meetings with open source enthusiasts in both US and Europe, with hundreds of people attending worldwide. We are incredibly fortunate and happy to be able to assemble some of the worlds greatest minds within the open source world for an evening of networking and fun. Be on the lookout for more {code} Assemblies at an event near you in 2018, and make sure you keep up to date on them through our newsletter.

{code} Webinars

As an answer to the ask from the {code} Community for more training and education, {code} Webinars were launched in April this year. Throughout the year there have been a total of 5 hour-long webinars on topics such as Kubernetes, data streams, container runtimes, and container storage. We want to thank all of our wonderful presenters for all their hard work, a huge shoutout goes to Matthew De Lio, Kenny Coleman, Phil Estes, Josh Bernstein, and Flavio Junqueira. The webinars had over 430 people sign up for the live events and the recorded webinars have reached over 1,800 views on YouTube. The webinar audience is from all across the globe and we are super grateful for everyone’s participation in these events, asking and answering questions, and sharing knowledge.

We’re looking forward to more great webinars in 2018, so make sure you follow us on Crowdcast and keep an eye out for new webinars!

Would you like to present a topic to the global {code} Community? Reach out to me @jonasrosland, I would love to hear from you.

Final thoughts

In 2017, the {code} Community has grown in both people and projects. The community is built by and for open source-focused individuals, and we really love being a part of all the engagement between community members both online or offline. We hope you have enjoyed 2017 with us and to see you even more in 2018!