REX-Ray, the leading container storage orchestration engine enabling persistence for cloud native workloads, hits another minor release with a new features and more community contributed content. There’s a lot of parallel paths being driven with storage and containers and REX-Ray 0.11.0 is providing the elements needed for today and tomorrow.

Docker Managed Plugins

Back in February of 2017 we gave a deep-dive into Docker Managed Plugins and released 6 new plugins to the Docker Store. This engineering effort required packaging up REX-Ray into a container, validating Alpine, and getting clearance to be Docker Certified in the Docker Store. Today, we are adding Microsoft Azure Unmanaged Disk as a Docker Managed Plugin. The community has been asking for the addition of this managed plugin so we now support the three largest public clouds: AWS, GCE, and Azure.

The community has been asking to extend our existing Docker Managed Plugins by adding more configuration parameters. Ensuring parameters are configurable is important as we believe most users will choose to have the cluster scheduler to manage the REX-Ray plugins. With this release a few common parameters are being made available: FILE_MODE, ROOT_PATH, and HTTP_PROXY.

CSI Southbound Docker Adapter

We haven’t been shy about expressing our commitment to the success of CSI (examples 1, 2, 3…). {code}’s history of building storage integrations into container schedulers hasn’t been easy and we know CSI will help the entire container ecosystem move in the right direction. The last REX-Ray release validated it against the CSI pre-0.1 spec and the new CSI Southbound Adapter to Docker ensures CSI plugins can be used as Docker volume plugins. Storage companies pursuing CSI may be very interested in finding solutions that make their implementations easier. REX-Ray is this path, and also provides a level of backward compatibility and interoperability with the existing eco-system by ensuring upcoming CSI plugins are also interoperable as Docker managed plugins.


Ceph Enhancements

The community is digging Ceph and it’s a testament that more people are getting comfortable with software-based storage platforms and running their containerized applications on-premises. The community is continually putting forth suggestions to enhancing the REX-Ray Ceph RBD driver and we’re delivering a few in this release.

  • Allow non-admin user: Ceph can be run as any user and it is commonly run as non-admin users.
  • Allow specification of cephArgs: This option enables REX-Ray to be compatible with more customized configurations of Ceph.
  • Support for Luminous: This ensures support with the latest Ceph releases

OpenStack Cinder High Availability

REX-Ray is well known for providing high availability through a feature called pre-emption. You can see it in action with the video Using REX-Ray with Docker Swarm Mode. This release fixes a bug that will now ensure an application can fail over without intervention.

See REX-Ray Live!

If you’re going to be at DockerCon EU, stop by the {code} booth and ask the team to see a demo of REX-Ray in action. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, you can install REX-Ray on your own following the Quick Start guide. Take it a step further with an isolated Vagrant environment in the {code} labs using SCALEIO_SWARM_INSTALL=true.