Mesosphere DC/OS, the datacenter operating system, is an open-source, distributed operating system based on the Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel. DC/OS:

  • Manages multiple machines in the cloud or on-premises, from a single interface.
  • Deploys containers, distributed services, and legacy applications into those machines.
  • Provides networking, service discovery, and resource management to keep the services running and communicating with each other.

DC/OS adds extensions to Apache Mesos including UI, networking, applications package management, and management of the REX-Ray storage interface.

There is an open source version and a Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS licensed product (previously called DC/OS Enterprise Edition). The Enterprise version is sold with support and added enterprise features related to security, performance, networking, compliance, and monitoring.

Compared to other container orchestrators DC/OS and Mesos are notable for:

  • Incorporation of a two level scheduler, which allows customized application aware container placement decisions, and
  • Its role as a reference turnkey deployment platform for many popular big data / fast data projects, which share common stewardship by the Apache Software Foundation.

For example, DC/OS and Mesos are popular platforms for running the “SMACK stack”.

Key enhancements in the 1.10 release

  • An Enhanced Services SDK makes it easier to add your own services to the DC/OS Catalog (“app store”). Many popular data services come bundled with DC/OS, including Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka, DataStax Enterprise, Elasticsearch, and Hadoop Distributed File System.
  • Support for data service rolling configuration updates and upgrades.
  • Improved support for stateful applications and services, based on an upgrade from 0.3.3 of REX-Ray storage management component. Moving to version 0.9.0 of REX-Ray adds support for new storage providers along with security enhancements, performance enhancements and patches.
    • Now supports AWS (EBS, EFS, S3FS), Google, Azure, and on-prem storage (ScaleIO, Isilon).
  • Improved security features to allow applications to share certificates and retain file based secrets.
  • Enhanced live upgrade support.
  • A new high performance L4/L7 ingress controller / load balancer to support exposing applications or service to public internet or internal networks outside outside the DC/OS cluster.
  • Version upgrades to Mesos 1.4.0 and Marathon 1.5.
  • Expanded support of CNI-based networks.

The DC/OS platform

Mesos and DC/OS have a sound foundation for claiming to be the most mature container orchestration platform. But the 1.10 release of DC/OS demonstrates that the platform continues to benefit from an active developer community that is driving it forward.

The platform has excellent support for both big data and fast data application stacks, along with support for stateful services. Going forward, plans are underway for continued enhancement, including integration of the Container Storage Interface.