GopherCon 2017 is next week!  Once again Gophers will take over the Colorado Convention Center in Denver for several days participating in the one of the most popular conferences on Go. Among them will be our very own {code} engineer Vladimir Vivien, who has been attending since the conference started in 2014. After programming in Go for a couple of years, Vladimir published a book on the subject titled “Learning Go Programming” an insightful guide to learning the Go programming language. Vladimir wrote the book because he wanted to make it easier for newcomers to get into the language – essentially writing the book he would have liked to have when he was starting out with Go.

Join Vladimir at GopherCon and pick up a free limited edition signed copy of his book (only 50 available) and share stories about your adventures in Golang. You will find Vladimir in the Pre-Function area of the Mile High Ballroom with 10 books at each of the following times:




Attendees of the show will also have the pleasure of listening to {code} Catalyst Ashley McNamara at Friday’s keynote “My Journey to Go”. Ashley is a Principal Developer Advocate at Microsoft, and co-creator of Ashley will share her journey to Go and hopefully convey some of the lessons she’s learned along the way. Make sure to take notes (and tweet to us what you hear @codedellemc)!

GopherCon 2017 has a lot to offer and here are a few of the sessions we look forward to at the event:

Thursday July 14

  • The Future of Go – by Ross Cox – 9:40 am – Main Stage
  • Go programmer’s guide to syscall – Liz Rice – 11:45 am – Ballroom 1D
  • Go Build Modes – David Crawshaw – 2:00 pm – Ballroom 1A

Friday July 15

  • Advanced Testing with Go – Mitchell Hashimoto – 10:50 am – Main Stage
  • The fallacies of distributed computing – Michael Hausenblas – 2:55pm – Ballroom 1A
  • Grpc: From tutorial to Production – Alan Shreve – 2:55 pm – Ballroom 2A
  • The New Era of Package Mgmt – Sam Boyer – 4:25pm – Main Stage

Last but not least, if you see anyone in a {code} tshirt or hoodie, come up and say hi! We are hiring open source engineers. And we’d love to talk to you about open source and developing in Go!