The dev team behind REX-Ray, the leading container storage orchestration engine enabling persistence for cloud native workloads, has just created a new release. With every release we are bringing a few enhancements and squashing bugs along the way. So what’s new with 0.9.2?

New Features

The community has been asking for a Ceph based Docker Plugin (codedellemc/rexray#807, codedellemc/rexray#818) and the dev team has delivered. The plugin image requires that we have the Ceph CLI/tools in the container, so this plugin is built off of CentOS 7 instead of Alpine. As such, the plugin has customized versions of and Dockerfile.

You can see this new Docker Plugin is available on the REX-Ray DockerHub, read the documentation for available parameters, and can be installed using:

$ docker plugin install rexray/rbd \

Bug Fixes

The Docker Plugins are becoming increasingly popular among users. egnoriega opened issue codedellemc/rexray#891 noticing plugin permissions in 0.9.1 was only requesting network: [host] access. This discovery was different than 0.9.0 where the plugin was more aggressive and needed network: [host], mount: [/dev], allow-all-devices: [true], and capabilities: [CAP_SYS_ADMIN]. This change has been reversed and reinstates 0.9.0 permissions.

Digital Ocean Block Storage and Google Compute Engine have a funky quirk where they don’t allow _ characters for volume names (codedellemc/libstorage#450 and codedellemc/libstorage#458). This has been a pain experienced by not only REX-Ray users, but also Docker Compose users (docker/compose#3731). A quick fix was implemented in codedellemc/libstorage#450 to change _ to -.


The AWS Elastic Filesystem (EFS) driver has a new security group (SG) enhancement to let the defined SG take a higher priority than the EC2 instance’s SG. This allows overriding of the EC2 SG settings for REX-Ray’s EFS driver to have a higher level of control (codedellemc/libstorage#511).

We know that errors happen from time to time. libStorage is a dependency of REX-Ray to perform back-end storage orchestration and volume lifecycle functions and sometimes the embedded errors in that package do not format itself correctly. Well, not anymore! Now with codedellemc/rexray#899, if you come across any errors it will be formatted and easily readable.

We are always trying to improve our documentation. To make it easier, there is now a search feature! This full-indexed search function will find anything that matches your lookup and it happens on the fly. Watch the video to learn more

That’s a roundup of everything happening with REX-Ray 0.9.2. Check out the release notes for more information, give REX-Ray’s persistence a spin at the {code} Labs, and join the ever growing #project-rexray channel in the {code} Community Slack.