Infrakit is an exciting new project from Docker, along with Linuxkit and a whole host of other “kits” that the Docker team is building. The way to think of Infrakit, is as a customizable infrastructure driver. Infrakit uses underlying infrastructure APIs to create and maintain systems for stand-alone workloads or clusters.

Infrastructure APIs like EC2 or Google Compute are very common, but customers deploying clusters on bare metal systems also need an Infrastructure as a Service APIs.  That’s where RackHD comes in. RackHD provides IaaS-like functionality for bare metal systems. You can read more about RackHD in our past blog posts.

At DockerCon this year, we announced the creation of a new integration between these two great projects, Infrakit.RackHD. Infrakit is able to drive RackHD to create new bare metal machines and cluster members, like it would in a public-cloud virtualized environment.

Infrakit users can develop simple Infrakit Flavor plugins to define the application cluster members (such as Zookeeper, Hadoop or Docker Swarm), and use instance plugins to transparently migrate those workloads from public cloud, or virtual clusters to bare metal with Infrakit.RackHD.

For more info, watch the full DockerCon talk, or, of course, hit us up on Slack!