The dust has settled and another Dell EMC World is in the books. From all of us on the {code} team, thank you for coming to our sessions! Our goal was to deliver 15 sessions full of container goodness and get you ramped up with everything this technology has to offer… and give away cool socks.

As promised, all of {code} session slides are available below on SlideShare. There’s more to come with videos of the sessions in a few weeks so stay tuned to watch us talk about the flexibility and integrations we are bringing the top container orchestrators available today.

The Open Source Effect on Dell EMC – Joshua Bernstein – Dell EMC World 2017

Deep Dive on REX-Ray, libStorage and the Container Storage Interface – Clinton Kitson – Dell EMC World 2017

Realize The Power of Containers with ScaleIO and REX-Ray Software for Storage and Infrastructure – Kendrick Coleman and Brian Dean – Dell EMC World 2017

Managing ScaleIO as Software on Mesos – David vonThenen – Dell EMC World 2017

Docker for Private Clouds with RackHD – Justin Kenney and Aaron Spiegel – Dell EMC World 2017

Reduce Your Configuration Management Nightmare with Docker – Jonah Horowitz – Dell EMC World 2017

Deep Dive on Container Storage Architectures – Clinton Kitson and Chris Duchesne – Dell EMC World 2017

Deep-Dive on Container Networking Architectures – Frans van Rooyen – Dell EMC World 2017

Large Scale Cassandra Made Better in Containers – Chris Duchesne and Aaron Spiegel – Dell EMC World 2017

Data Analytics Using Container Persistence Through SMACK – Manny Rodriguez-Perez and Kendrick Coleman – Dell EMC World 2017

Containers and their Ecosystem: An Introduction to Containers – Kendrick Coleman and Brian Verkley – Dell EMC World 2017

There’s More to Docker than the Container: The Docker Platform – Kendrick Coleman and Fabio Chiodini – Dell EMC World 2017

Mesosphere and the Enterprise: Run Your Applications on Apache Mesos – Steve Wong – Dell EMC World 2017

Google does containers: Hello Kubernetes – Steve Wong and Vladimir Vivien – Dell EMC World 2017