Free and Frictionless”. It’s been a pillar of the {code} team since the very beginning. Our mission is to enable anyone to use our software with simple, easy to use, open source software.

The {code} team develops software to be very abstract. Nothing is tied to a vendor based API so it can be deployed anywhere. Giving the ultimate choice in freedom and flexibility.

Persistent applications is the theme of this blog post so we need some layer of storage to serve it. If you’re unfamiliar, ScaleIO is a storage technology from Dell EMC that’s perfect for deploying container technologies in your private cloud or on-premise data center as it can match the linear growth pattern of your infrastructure. It turns direct-attached storage (DAS) on a commodity server into a clustered and scale-out block storage platform with high availability. ScaleIO comes with a free for use download in non-production environments. Just a few weeks ago, we announced the inclusion of ScaleIO as a native driver in Kubernetes. This combined with REX-Ray makes ScaleIO a first class storage provider with all the major players including Docker, Mesos, and Kubernetes.

ScaleIO aside, how can we test out persistent applications with a container orchestrator without building an environment from scratch? It’s software all the way down so it’s Vagrant to the rescue!

The {code} Labs has been enhanced to include the latest ScaleIO Vagrant image that creates a 3 node cluster on top of VirtualBox and allows a combination of tools be installed using environment variables. Choose to install Docker, REX-Ray, Docker Swarm, Mesos with Marathon, and Kubernetes with ease. This creates a fully configured environment ready to test stateful applications using ScaleIO. If you’ve been looking for a simple way to test persistent applications against any container orchestrator, this is the lab for you.

Let’s get started to see how easy it is.

$ git clone
$ cd vagrant/scaleio/

Now you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips. Do you want to automatically install Docker, REX-Ray, and configure the cluster for Docker Swarm?

$ vagrant up

How about Apache Mesos with Marathon using Docker and REX-Ray?

$ vagrant up

Can’t get enough?

$ export SCALEIO_K8_INSTALL=true
$ vagrant up

How easy was that? Now you’ve got a killer tool to test out any container orchestrator to see how it works with persistent storage on your own laptop! Check out the directions for this lab or look at the Application Demos and learn how to create stateful apps like Postgres with Docker Swarm, Marathon, and Kubernetes.