The open source community is fascinating; we meet, interact and engage with people from different organizations and backgrounds on a daily basis. The {code} team participates in the open source community, which provides freedom and flexibility when using and creating software, driving technology shifts and producing solutions that may not have been possible without the openness and engagement with the community.

Based on the belief that our community is what makes us better and stronger, we are proud to announce a new community initiative from the {code} team:

The {code} Catalyst Program!


The program

The {code} Catalyst program is focused on promoting thought leading members of the open source community by creating a candid dialogue between open source advocates, developers and project managers across company boundaries. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of innovative open source advocates who lead and advance emerging technology to support software-based infrastructures.

“The number one thing for me when looking at a community to engage with is a passion for sharing and intellectual curiosity.”

Mike Coleman, Technology Evangelist, Docker Inc., {code} Catalyst

Topics covered in the program’s regularly scheduled webinars and workshops include open source use and adoption at large enterprises, automation and orchestration, CI/CD innovations, monitoring and metrics, storage and container data persistence, and of course deep-dives into {code}’s open source projects.

The members

According to Merriam-Webster, a catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a reaction, spurring rapid change. With a catalyst, reactions occur faster because they require less activation energy and often only tiny amounts of the catalyst are needed.

Based on this definition we see the {code} Catalysts as influential advocates of open source. They educate others on projects they are involved in, engage in conversations to advance software-based infrastructure and share real-life experiences with other members of the larger {code} Community.

code-catalyst-members{code} Catalyst members have vast knowledge in industry-changing open source projects that redefine how modern data centers are run, from containerization to automation to large-scale CI/CD pipeline implementations.

The freedom of choice, collaboration and contribution inspires me to work with open source and the open source community.”

Ajeet Raina, Project Lead Engineer, Dell Technologies, {code} Catalyst

As a community we also see the value of our members getting to know each other on a personal level. Keep your eyes open for our in-person {code} Assemblies and join us for entertaining activities at prominent industry events such as OSCON, CloudNativeCon, DockerCon, Open Source Summit, MesosCon and Dell EMC World.

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Do you think you or someone you know fits the bill of being a {code} Catalyst?

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