The {code} team had a fantastic time in Tokyo for the OpenStack summit. EMC had a big presence in the summit and if you couldn’t attend the summit you can still watch all the sessions from this link.


The {code} team delivered a #vBrownBag techtalk to present two ScaleIO plugins for Mirantis Fuel. These plugins help enable easy deployments of OpenStack with ScaleIO software-defined scale-out storage as the default block storage backend for Cinder.

The first plugin, fuel-plugin-scaleio-cinder, is targeted to leverage an existing ScaleIO installation and configure OpenStack to make use of that ScaleIO cluster. Whereas the second plugin, fuel-plugin-scaleio, is targeted to deploy a new ScaleIO cluster making use of the nodes available from Fuel and connecting them to the OpenStack deployment so that they are consumed as block storage.

The talk, delivered by @patrickbm and @adrianmo, introduces the plugins and walks through a quick video that showcases how to build, install, configure, and use the plugins.

The plugins are currently under validation. We encourage you to watch the repositories if you want to keep track of them, but we will also make a announcement in the form of a blog post  when they are completed and available from the Mirantis Plugin Catalog.

Link to the repos: