Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 1.25.05 PMAs we prepare for DockerCon 2015 next week, we’re taking a very different approach than EMC usually takes at events. Most events are focused on outbound messaging, product announcements and a heavy dose of sales and marketing. But since EMC World 2015, it’s no longer your father’s EMC.

Next week, our focus is entirely on enabling the community of developers and end-users that are moving towards Cloud Native applications (or “3rd Platform”) and container-based infrastructure. We fully believe that this is not just a trend, but a major shift in how businesses will interact with their customers, and that software is at the center of this revolution.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 3.27.47 PM

So what does it mean to enable the community and ecosystem of developers? We’re taking a three-legged approach. The overall theme is a focus on Data Persistence and how this evolving space is critical to those Cloud Native applications.

  1. Work within the Docker Ecosystem – The Docker Ecosystem is large and growing rapidly. While Docker (Inc.) is still the primary contributor to the core projects, the ecosystem is heavily invested in adding functionality and making the projects better. We want to work closely with these developers. This is where you’ll see us working within the “Flocker” project with ClusterHQ (@clusterhq). Some early announcements were made this week, but expect to hear much more next week – including a bunch of live demos and the chance to speak directly with the developers working on the project.
  2. Contributing Directly to Docker Projects – EMC’s thinking about open source projects has evolved quite a bit over the last 12 months. In the past, we may have stayed too much around the edges of projects, only contributing EMC-specific drivers. But that won’t be enough for the rapidly growing container ecosystem, so this is where you’ll see us making contributions directly into core Docker projects. Project Rex-Ray is an early example of that, which will be highlighted next week. We want to contribute to areas where there is still open community discussion about the right path forward, and we want to bring our experience to that discussion. This is another areas where we’ll showcase a bunch of live demos and give attendees the chance to speak directly with the developers working on the project.
  3. Making Scale-Out Cloud Storage Free and Frictionless – I’ll hold off on all of the details on this (announcements coming Monday – stay tuned!!), but needless to say that our announcements at EMC World about open source CoprHD and free ScaleIO were just the beginning of a big transformation happening within EMC and our software-defined storage portfolio. Keep your eyes out for what will be available for developers and operators!!

Lots of things to help enable the community. Community, Code and <TBD announcements>! 

We’d love to show you more. EMC is a Platinum sponsor of the event, so come check out all the demos at our booth on the show floor. We’ll have all the engineers and subject matter experts on-hand, so come by and talk, hack, whiteboard and see how we can work together more closely.

We’ll go into depth on all these topics on Monday, at 2pm in the “Persistent Data in a Microservices World” tutorial (go sign up now, space is filling up fast!!).

And finally, we’ll be hosting BoF sessions each data at lunch at the EMC table (look for the signs). If you’re interested in Data Persistence, we’d love to share some great discussions over lunch.

It’s going to be a great week in San Francisco! The show will be packed (SOLD OUT at 2000 people) and we couldn’t be more excited to bring the new EMC to DockerCon. Look forward to seeing everyone there.