EMC World has finally come to an end which means our conference tour is really just beginning! The team is proud of what we accomplished during our week in Las Vegas and we are looking forward to spreading our message even further. EMC World had a different vibe to it this year. A much more software/devopsy/the tide is turning sort of feel. Thank you to all the customers and partners we met over the course of the week.

Almost everyone on our team had a speaking session during EMC World. Since every one doesn’t want to wait a few weeks for all the sessions to be published, we figured we would go ahead and share ours.

EMC World Break-Out Sessions

NOTE: If you want to download the original PPTs, click the two-people icon (bottom right of slides) and it will take you to Slideshare site, where you can download the slides (arrow-down icon)

EMC World 2015 – Why DevOps is Critical for Business
To win at Business in a world dominated by Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, means the business needs to go faster. Be able to explain to your executives the economic basics of why DevOps is critical to drive the speed necessary to use technology to win in your industry.

EMC World 2015 – DevOps is a ReOrg
DevOps is a cultural change. We review the current technology and social trends that are driving companies towards DevOPs, what companies can do to jump in the DevOPs train before it departs and finally we provide a framework to start a DevOPs project.

EMCW2015 – Containers vs VMs
Ready set go, Containers vs VMs! Using the typical goal posts for comparing containers and VMs does not describe why containers are a part of a successful recipe for deploying applications in frictionless ways today. This presentation reviews the developers view of applications based on the new abstraction layer that is created by containers.

EMC World 2015 – The Devops Toolkit
What is DevOps? What are some of the tools to have in my arsenal? Teams communicate in a new way… and it’s not email. There are new ways to build infrastructure. Learn it all here

Microservices, Data Services and Containers for Cloud Native Architectures (Devops st.05)

The motivation behind 12-factor applications

EMC World 2015 devops-st06 Containers and Converged Infrastructure Deployment
Containers are pretty awesome but at the end of the day there still needs to be some underlying infrastructure. I’m going to convince you that converged infrastructure is the right choice for building a platform for a hybrid of VMs and Containers

Open @ EMC Booth Mini-Theatre Presentations

EMCW2015 – Frictionless Deployment of SDS

EMCW2015 – Containers and Data Persistence

CoreOS 101 – EMC World 2015

EMC World 2015 – EMC {code} Photo Booth Presentation