Our mantra is CODE OPEN, DEPLOY EVERYWHERE. But just coding in the open isn’t enough. To build community, we need to be open in everything we do, so today we’re excited to make our community stats dashboard public (dashboard.emccode.com). As we utilize more tools and collect data about projects, collaborations, and engagements, we’ll continued to add those stats into this dashboard.

But data by itself isn’t always that interesting. Context matters. Correlation matters. Historical trends matter. So we’re also excited to publish our analytics to the community (dashboard.emccode.com/analytics), which will also be updated with greater levels of insight as we add more sources and ways to view the data.

If there are things you’d like to learn more about the EMC {code} projects or the community, drop us a suggestion.

dashboard_exampleBeyond just sharing these dashboards, we wanted to also share some of the insight into how we built these tools. We’ve been tinkering in the background with smart ways of collecting and managing social media and community metrics, and in doing so we have looked into tools such as Dashing from Shopify and Keen.io‘s great analytics tool.

With these tools we’ve been able to collect, store, present and analyze our metrics for a while, and of course we still have an ever growing list of things we want to put in there to measure and count. Jonas Rosland wrote more about the dashboard in details on his blog if you want to know more.